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Where is my download?

You’ve purchased a Value from the Value Vault and don’t know what to do next. Go to your inbox and you should see an email from our team. The subject line is It’s here! Your Value Vault Item. If you don’t see the item in your inbox, it might be in your spam folder. Should you find it in your spam folder, move to your inbox and add our email to your favorites. That should solve the infamous spam folder debacle.Β 

Uh oh, I forgot to download the Ten On Tuesday Value I purchased within the 72 hour access time frame, what do I do now?

You’ve purchased it and we want you to have it. The reason for the limit on time is because of the value to the content. No worries, just go to the Help Desk and provide us with the unique purchase order number provided on your email from us or just send us the email you received to We’ll send you your Value Download by Virtual Express (It’s our version of the Pony Express).

I missed the 24-hour access to the FREE download, are there any exceptions to getting it free?

This is one time we say that the early bird gets the worm. We are sorry you missed the opportunity to receive it free but, hey, there will be more chances to receive future ones.

I see that the Values that were once there aren’t available anymore, why is that?

We provide you with the ability to download the Values for two months. We put it back into the Value Vault so we can update the information for future use to make sure we are giving you the most current information possible. The topics we discuss do have a shelf life based on the changes happening. There will be a countdown to the Values expiring and we will announce when the will be going back into the Vault. It is best to get your downloads as we do not promise they will ever come out of the Vault again.

Some symbols to watch for:

πŸ•™οΈ It’s Ten on Tuesday Time!!!

πŸ›‘ Stop (There will be sometimes when we just have to stop you. We’re doing it to help you.)

🚧 Warning

πŸ“– Take note

πŸ“šοΈ Learning Moment

πŸ’‘ Idea to share – tip!

βš™οΈ Value Vault idea. This will be one of those freebies in the value vault available anytime.

πŸ”₯ This is a Hot Tip you can do.

πŸ€“ Geek Alert! This will best be tackled by a geeky friend.

🀝️ Do this task together with your geeky friend.